Why Some People Opt for Plastic Surgery



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April 21, 2017

People with low self-esteem because of their physical looks have always turned to plastic surgery to boost their confidence and quality of life. While this is the most common reason as to why people turn to plastic surgery, there are plenty of reasons why the surgery may be used. Nowadays, plastic surgery is being used to correct defects that may have manifested themselves at birth or those that might have been caused by injuries and illnesses later in life. Common defects from birth that can be treated by plastic surgery include hypospadias, Webber Fingers, birthmarks, and craniosynostosis. It can also be used to treat ear problems and cleft lip and palate.

Common Reasons why People Opt for these Operations

With regards to conditions that develop as people go through life, it can be used to treat conditions such as dupuytren’s contracture, osteoarthritis, facial palsy, pressure ulcers and carpal tunnel syndrome. People who have had their tissues removed due to cancer can also use this surgery to improve the appearance of their skin. Plastic surgeons also use it to treat patients experiencing death of their body tissues and people suffering from extensive burns. Trauma can also cause some considerable damage to the skin especially if it’s a severe wound of a fracture that breaks the skin. However, plastic surgeons can treat the former and the latter using this surgery. The varied use leads to classification into different types of plastic surgeries. The common types of plastic surgeries include reconstructive surgery, aesthetic surgery, microsurgery and craniofacial surgeries. Only qualified plastic surgeons can be able to carry out these operations. All these surgeries use the same techniques such as tissue expansion, skin flap surgery, and skin grafts. Other widely used techniques include grafting or fat transfer, vacuum closure, use of prosthetic devices and camouflage make-up.

Risks Associated with Surgery

People who decide to use this surgery for whichever reason subject themselves to various risks such as scarring, pain, discomfort, and even infection. At some instances, the repaired skin area has been reported to fail, and this is usually as a result of low blood supply. It’s, therefore, important to ask your surgeon of the risks that may come along with your surgery. People experiencing bleeding after surgery may require blood transfusion. On the other hand, continued discomfort and pain may be relieved through the use of painkillers.

Cosmetic Surgery- Most Common Surgery

The most common surgery is cosmetic surgery which is usually optional. This surgery is performed with the aim of improving the appearance of an individual. In the year 2014 alone, more than 20 million cosmetic surgeries were performed in North America. The most common aesthetic procedures in Canada include mammoplasty which is the reduction of body parts, rhinoplasty or reshaping of the nose and abdominoplasty. Others include blepharoplasty and lip enhancement. Visit the Plastic Surgery Info website to learn more, because they may be able to provide you with the information that you need.

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